Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking for a critique partner? Find one here!

I love playing matchmaker! So I'll try to make some matches around here. As I said before, my own critique group had limited spots (unfortunately), but I'm happy to help people find partners that would be a good fit.

Here's a short profile of one the girls who contacted me about the spot in our group. She's looking to start a group of writers in her genre. See if she's a fit!

Name: Tetonia Blossom
Genres: YA paranormal suspense and urban fantasies, as well as Women's Fiction Graphic Novels and Screenplays
Twitter: @TRomelBlossom

Think she's a good fit for you? Get in touch with her!

Want to start your own group or find partners? Let me know, I'll post it here for you!

Good luck!

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